NEC3 Overview and Introduction to TSC Training Workshop for NEC Contract Users


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Why you should attend this workshop?


This one-day workshop introduces you to the common philosophies of the NEC family of contracts and focuses in more detail upon the key mechanics and provisions of the NEC3 Term Service Contract (TSC). This is the main contract that will be used for a supplier to manage and provide a service for a prescribed period of time.


You will learn about:

  • The philosophy of NEC3 contracts
  • The use and appropriate contract strategy to adopt when choosing both primary options   (A-F) and secondary options (X1-X20)
  • Appreciating the use of Contract Data, Service Information
  • Considering factors involved when preparing tender documents and assessing tender submissions
  • Considering common amendments that are often made in the form of “Z clauses” and their potential to alter the dynamics or risk profile of an un-amended contract
  • Roles and responsibilities of the key Parties