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The APM Body of Knowledge is a well-established collection of project management knowledge, now in its sixth edition. Divided into sections and topics it provides introductions and common guides to those areas considered essential to the discipline of managing projects. This information directly assists all those interested in project management in their work, studies and learning. The 5th Edition has a total of 52 topics divided amongst seven sections. The APM Body of Knowledge 5th Edition - Definitions is a subsection of the full document providing high level definitions for each topic area. This free download from APM, provides a set of definitions to key terms used.
The complete APM Body of Knowledge 5th Edition provides more detailed definitions of each topic, suggested reading lists, a glossary, list of acronyms and an index, as well as cross-referencing, section-coding and a word search facility (in the digital version).
The full APM Body of Knowledge 5th Edition is available in book format from APM Publishing (www.apmpublishing.com) or as an exclusive APM members’ benefit on CD-ROM. APM members can also download the APM Body of Knowledge in PDF format from the members area of the APM website (www.apm.org.uk)